Customer Notifications
Utilizing twitter allows a universally acceptable and familiar interface for dealership staff to notify customers when they are needed either in service, sales or finance. Integrating such messaging into a digital signage solution keeps a customer's attention focused on the screen, seeing your marketing and advertisements.

The Twitter Feed can be added in rotation with any other advertising, maximizing exposure on the screen. Integrated with dealership branding and other components and formatting options from the Custom Scene Editor allows for advanced manipulation of twitter feeds.

The colors, font, format can all be set -- along with how far back in history to show tweets depending on how busy the twitter feed is. The Digital Dealership System staff is available to help program this part of the Pro account so implementation is seamless and easy.

Live Feed
Show the live feed using the Twitter Widget adding it to any custom scene, keeping customers up to date on social media and encouraging them to follow the dealership for the latest news and events.

tv in primary
tweet to screen