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The Digital Dealership System has access to over 30 commercial free media feeds that help to expand the system offerings while providing up to date information for your customers. An alternative to live TV, but without commercials, syndicated content or infomercial's -- the programs are from large media providers such as CNN, Fox and ABC.

Dealers can add their own content including commercials, video testimonials, marketing, car videos and more in between each feed, creating your own Dealer tv channel specific to your store. There are many sources for Media RSS feeds available and if the dealer prefers is not available, individual feeds can be substituted with direct URLs. It's simple -- and we are here to help!

  • No stack of DVR's
  • No paid content
  • No outside commercials
  • Real news updated throughout the day
  • Included for FREE with every plan!
  • Fits in any dealer TV profile from lounge to drive to showroom
Sample of Streaming TV Content Offerings
CNN News
CNN ShowBiz
CNN Health
CNN Politics
ABC World News
ABC 20/20
ABC Medical Minute
ABC Buzz
ABC Money Minute
NBC Press
NBC Nightly
NBC Today
NBC Business
Geek Brief
Fox Hollywood
Fox ShowBiz
Fox US News
Fox Latest News
Digg Nation

Dealer Television Options for Delivering Broadcast TV Content to Digital Signs at Car Dealerships
car dealer broadcast tv commercial interruption car dealer media rss tv associated press dealer tv associated press dealer tv
Standard television wrapped in dealer marketing, branding and customized information.
Standard television with competitor commercials blocked. Available in full or split screen..
Commercial free streaming content from a variety of internet sources available for free use.
High quality, updated feeds from the most trusted source in programming.
Select from millions of videos, clips from favorite TV shows, comedies, and sketches
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