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Service Digital Signs For Car Dealers

Service digital sign and kiosk solutions for car dealers provide WHY-BUY messaging, transparent pricing, service upgrade options and keep the customer focused on the dealer brand instead of inappropriate TV and video. As a turn-key solution or ala carte offering, the Digital Dealership System offers the most comprehensive sales digital sign and kiosk solutions for the auto industry.

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digital service menu for car dealers

Service Menu

The Digital Service Menu rotates through unlimited service menus, service videos and marketing to provide transparent pricing, increase CSI and upsell service customers.


Service Appointments

Service Appointment Menu Boards are updated directly from popular CRM/DMS's providing current vehicle status, service advisor, service menus and service marketing messaging.

service appointment menu board
dare to compare digital sign

Dare To Compare

Dare to Compare dealer pricing and services with local competion while adding WHY-BUY video and image messaging to distinguish the dealership from others in the market.


Customer Lounge TV

Integrate dealer marketing while replacing commercials and inappropriate content in the customer or showroom lounge. Add service appointment status and custom messages and videos to enhance the customer experience.

cusotmer lounge tv for car dealers
touch screen kiosk solutions

Touch-Screen Kiosks

Kiosks provide a customer resource center or start the sales process as an interactive tool to increase data capture, lead generation and information gathering to log more guests and close more deals.

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