The Digital Dealership System staff understands dealership's busy schedule and that no matter how important the system, time is limited. For these reasons, each system is preloaded and preconfigured based on the car dealer's specific digital sign requirement. Each system is delivered plug-n-play ready whereas the only connections are Power, Internet, HDMI.

Dealer Videos
Custom Graphics
Weather Components
Service Coupons
Sales Offers
Addititive Videos
Partner Videos
Dealer Logos

When the dealer is ready to update the signage display with more specific content, it can be done from any computer utilizing the Digital Dealership System Sign Manager Software.

While the level of preloaded content varies by plan, the basic foundation of digital signage remains intact, optimizing results and balancing generic content with dealer specific messages.


Auto Dealer Graphics and Videos
Standard Custom Dealer Content
Every account includes custom images of dealer
vehicles, including interior and exterior images. Each vehicle has a minimum of three relevant images pending availability.
Dealer Custom Digital Video Example
Each Pro Account has a minimum of three custom designed videos (based on configuration sizes) preloaded of each vehicle in the dealership including relevant animations of interrior, exterior details pending availability. More examples of custom videos are under each brand at the bottom of the page.
chevy campaign
Dealer Logos
High Resolution logos of every brand are included with Pro Accounts to enhance digital scene generation for new and used car inventory marketing efforts.
OEM Videos
OEM videos, commercials, and instructional videos are available or preloaded into Pro Level accounts as available.


Dare to Compare Graphics and Templates

Logos of every major independent competitor are included so you can create custom
DARE to COMPARE boards within the system comparing your dealer services to
local companies. Templates, 300 fonts and 256 colors help to get the point across for dealer Dare-To-Compare Digital Service Menu Signs.


Product Videos and Graphics  
lojack logo moc auto logo
bg product logo valvoline professional series wynns auto product logo

bg auto dealer services

Custom Dealer Service Coupons
service coupon service coupon
Premade Service Coupons allow Pro-Level customers to simply add pricing through custom scenes and have instant dealer-specific content. Add logos or create custom coupons with additional graphics. Utilize 300 fonts and 256 colors, -- and video -- to enhance auto dealer service coupons and customize them for the stores service menus.

How Many Pre-Loaded Files?
Pre-loading content is one thing... pre-loading as many custom and OEM files into the system to the extent we do not only saves customers time and money, but also creates a unique signage experience.

Here are some examples of Pre-Loaded Content in the Pro Accounts

Ford 265 videos, 85 images, 3.5 Hours
Honda 109 Videos, 62 images, 2.5 Hours
Mercedes Benz 196 videos, 58 images, 2.8 Hours

And at any time, in any account, you can add your own video or image content.


Additional Files
These files are meant to jump-start the digital signage efforts at the dealership and make implementation quick and easy. At any time the dealership staff can upload any content from their hard drive, network or download from the internet directly into the system.

If there are files, videos or images that are not in the system, but would benefit the store, contact us and let our staff know what is needed to make the Digital Dealership System the most complete signage experience for your store.