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The technology behind Digital Media can be a daunting task. While you focus on Sales and Marketing, let us take care of the systems behind the scene. We offer two types of partnership opportunities and are open to expanding our network further through integration of your ideas.



Reselling the Digital Dealership System through your contacts helps to add value to your dealership relations while creating a secondary income for your company. Resellers are paid on a residual basis for up to six years, so today's work is tomorrow's paycheck.

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Do you want to offer the Digital Dealership System as an integration or extension of your current product, but don't want the customer to know who's providing the service? Let us be your integration and service provider while you continue to work on extending your footprint. This will allow you to focus on your primary business and not worry about the technology backend that is our specialty.

Enrollment in White Label Reseller program depends on initial volume and other criteria.

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Every week we are asked about custom applications of Digital Media Solutions. Can we do this or that? Most likely, we can... just ask us and we will work out a system for you. Once the system is setup, in most situations, the monthly maintenance fees are the same as our standard systems. Just ask.

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