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Single Touch-Screen Kiosk for Car Dealerships

Optional 24" or 27" HD-Monitor for additional exposure
24" HD Capacitive Touch-Screen with an Edge-to-Edge Glass surface
USA Built, Steel Construction with Vinyl Wrap and Multi-Color LED
  • Durable Powder-Coated Steel Construction
  • Vinyl Wrap with Dealer Images
  • Multi-Color LED with Remote
  • Under-Wheel Base
  • 24" Edge-to-Edge Glass HD Touch Screen
  • Dual Locking Cabinet
  • Windows 7/8, 4GB RAM, 30+ GB HD
Additional Options
  • Dual-Screen Configuration including 24" HD Monitor
  • Alternative Bases
  • OS/Hardware Upgrades
  • Integration with Digital Dealership System
  • Custom Application Development

Touch-Screen Kiosks for Auto Dealerships

Touch-Screen Kiosks for Car Dealerships increase customer engagement of dealer's products and services in the auto dealership showroom, lounge and service areas. Adding touch-screen kiosks to the dealership floor plan creates focal points for information and interactivity that supplement the sales and service process, increasing customer satisfaction and auto dealer profits.

The Digital Dealership System software solution creates a marketing platform for taking a single or multiple applications and surrounding it with dealer specific branding and messaging. The custom screensaver application increases auto customer engagement while resetting the stem to ensure that every customer experience is fresh and no data is stored between connections.

Digitize the auto dealership today with touch-screen kiosks and applications from the Digital Dealership System.

Standard Touch-Screen Kiosk Features for Car Dealers

Touch-Screen Kiosks from the Digital Dealership System increase customer engagement with Auto Dealer's products and services, adding ROI while increasing customer satisfaction.

Screen Saver Application

Resets application to ensure consistent customer experience between users

DDS Launcher

The option of adding multiple touch points to the kiosk to maximize information and value

Remote Software Management

Update marketing and messages in the familiar DDS Management Software

Automated Reporting

Receive daily, weekly, and monthly reporting on engagement with the kiosk

File Support

Support for video, images, text and custom graphics built-in to the system

Remote Monitoring

All systems are remotely monitored at our office to ensure high level support and updates

Touch-Screen Kiosks are available with or without management software as a turn-key solution for Auto Dealers.

Read more about the DDS Launcher Application for Multi-Input Options

Touch-Screen Kiosk Applications

  • Customer Check-In

    Sales / Service Check-In goes directly into most CRM systems for validation and tracking

  • Inventory Search

    Unique, customer friendly inventory search of new and used cars based on specific filtered criteria

  • Car Comparison

    Compare multiple vehicles including from other manufacturers to highlight values and differences

  • Value My Trade

    Customers can request car value while dealers receive valuable lead information

  • Build-Your-Car

    Customize any dealer car and receive a quote request and customer lead generation

  • Accessory Search

    Dynamically add accessories onto any new or used vehicle as part of the car buying process

  • Brochure Request

    Customers request brochures from inventory and new leads are sent to dealer CRM

  • Service Appointments

    Schedule first service appointments from sales floor or show suggested maintenance schedules

  • Video Player

    Integrated video player for Vehicle Walk-Arounds, Finance Videos and Service Services

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