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A Digital Signage Solution has to be as unique as your Dealership. The Digital Dealership System offers Dealers Specific Media Profiles that not only appeal to different areas of the Dealership, but also brand the dealership throughout the message.

The Digital Dealership System's TRUE HD broadcast shows the Dealership's message in the highest definition and is customized down to the details of the drop shadow, border and background images. Cookie cutter, template based solutions are sales pitches of the past. Each Digital Dealership System profile is custom created for our customers providing the broadest range of solutions.

While the Digital Dealership System Gallery highlights many of the most popular profile examples, the system is completely flexible to meet the needs of the most discerning Dealerships. Digital Signage from the Digital Dealership System can be customized in every aspect, from content, to layout, to the individual news feeds.

Each account includes over 300 fonts, 256 colors, preloaded content and the ability for you to either create content within the system itself or upload your own content from videos to images in multiple formats. The system can be designed to change profiles to schedule announcement or tie into over 15 live modules.

The possibilities with signage from the Digital Dealership System are endless. Start with a blank sheet of paper and design the signage that is best for your staff and customers. Customized digital signage that is unique as your dealership, but easy to maintain and delivered already pre-programmed for plug-n-play installation.

Each profile has customized content, dealership branding, customizable news feeds, and much more. Every aspect can be adjusted to meet the target market and location of the system in the Dealership.

Contact us today to learn more about what the Digital Dealership System can do for the Dealership.

standard system

Standard Digital Media Profile

The Standard Digital Media Profile provides the maximum exposure to dealer tv digital marketing and media information for the car dealers while adding generic digital media content that draws a customer's attention to the tv digital sign system.


tv integration in primary

TV Integration in Primary Media Zone

By integrating digital TV in the primary zone, this dealer tv media profile offers an equal mix of TV content without sacrificing marketing and media information for the car dealership and generic content such as weather, time, and news feeds.


showroom tv

Large Format Showroom Digital Sign Profile

Showroom digital media signage creates an educational and impactful tool by advertising directly to consumers with big images, media, digital video and marketing messages on multiple systems highlighting auto car dealer inventory, programs and incentives. to car dealer tv showroom customers.


service drive

Dealer Service Bay Digital Media Profile

Digital signs in the service bay provide a system to market to car dealer customers as they are waiting for their service writer through focused advertising of add-on services, specials and promotions while also allowing for Multiple digital locations for media advertisements and dealership marketing.

tv in secondary zone

TV Integration in Secondary Media Zone

Utilizing a digital sign system with the TV in the secondary zone allows for maximum media exposure to dealer tv advertising and car marketing messages on the screen while capturing attention with the sounds from the digital television in the auto dealership.


tv no weather

TV Integration Profile without Weather Module

The digital 16:9 wide-screen HD format of this system utilizes the standard TV feed from the car dealer tv store with additional digital media marketing on the sides with a news feed along the bottom to communicate car dealer specials, service and branding.


xtime integration

XTIME Service CRM Digital Media Integration

By enhancing the XTIME Service CRM greeter board with advanced digital marketing and specific car advertisements, the system provides a customer communication tool that increases exposure to service and sales specials in the car dealership.


vehicle delivery system

New Car Delivery Digital Media Screen

Say thank you and congratulations to new car dealer customers through digital media signs in the car delivery area. This system also provides for additional digital marketing on the side as well as a ticker that is customized with the auto dealer message.


vertical 1

Vertical Car Service Message Board Profile

Digital Vertical Menu boards are idea to replace antiquated slider pricing boards and provide additional advertising systems in the dealership highlighting general marketing, service and finance specials - as well as converting corporate messages to a digital format that will catch customer's focus.


vertical option

Vertical Profile with Digital TV Integration

Maximizing the digital real estate in a distinctive media layout while integrating television broadcast or other digital media content (such as xtime CRM) appeals to the wide number of customers while "digitizing" the dealer tv experience with a customized multi-media system.


alternative one

Large Box Profile

Maximizing digital media space by reducing white-space, this profile allows for larger impact of dealer tv marketing when the system is located further away from viewers or in multiple display setups.



Security Camera Profile

Utilizing security systems as a feed into the service bay, this profile provides more digital media marketing and enhances the image of the display to a customized look for the dealership.


horizontal menu board

Horizontal Digital Menu Media Board

Offering a custom profile that features large content for distant visibility of media advertising while utilizing templates for pricing information rotating content independently to keep motion & interest in the sign.

horizontal announcements

Announcement Board for Dealer TV

Utilized by itself or as a transition / interruption of other profiles, this system maximizes space handling announcements, specials, highlights and videos. Ask us for additional functionality available on this board.

custom message

Custom Digital Signage for your Auto Dealership

Digital Signs are all that we do. Custom digital sign solutions can include integrated kiosks, touch screen digital media applications, digital inventory systems, and much more.

The systems above are examples of what can be done with digital signage solution for the individual dealerships and auto industry from the Digital Dealership System.

Contact us today with you dealership needs and let's work on your custom digital signage project together.