Dealer Finance Lounge Digital Sign Gallery

Wouldn't it be great if the customer knew about additional programs and gained interest before meeting the finance consultant? Digital Signage provides many opportunities to educated customers while keeping them engaged while waiting.

The system can even be used to create bios of the finance and dealership staff to help build relationships and enhance customer service and report. This selection of profiles highlights systems that customers are currently using.

Each layout/profile can be customized to meet the requirements of each store.

tv finance column

Widescreen Finance TV with Column Ad
While standard TV provides compelling entertainment for customers in the finance lounge, this is an opportune time to educate auto dealer customers on additional products, services, accessories and branding for the dealership.

Finance TV with Live TV and Side Column

Finance Profile with Live TV
Marketing on TV in the lounge provides an opportunity to communicate to a focused audience in the dealership and market add-on services and dealer branding to validate the sale and reassure customers of making the right finance promotion decision.

Finance Vertical Menu Board

Finance Vertical Split with Bio / Video
Vertical menu boards in the finance area provide for large screen message boards with various information areas that can be seen at a distance. Including content such as staff biographies and add-on information helps create a welcomed auto dealer customer environment.

Vertical Finance Menu Board with Ticker

Finance Vertical Sign with Large Main
Adding videos to menu boards provides an informative tool to educate and entertain customers while waiting. Not only including marketing for products and services, but also commercial free content will enhance the dealership experience.

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