About Us

The Digital Dealership System was created out of the need of car dealerships to digitally communicate with their customers inside the store digitally and to assist in the customer experience process, whileincreasing the bottom line for dealerships.

In 2007, Todd Katcher managed a digital advertising agency that built, managed and operated digital signage in over 100 bars, nightclubs and restaurants. The signage was focused in the bar areas of these venues because Mr. Katcher understood that traditional medium was focused on restroom advertising and external advertising, instead of the areas where customers spend the most time. By providing marketing to existing customers, the goal was to create more value and income at less cost than new customer acquisition.

The first attempt at marketing inside the entertainment industry was large screen TV's connected to DVD players. While the message was clear, research found that slideshows do not show enough variety of information and once an 'eyeball' is lost, it's four times less likely to get them back. Adding more generic content, such as fun facts, jokes and even pick-up lines increased viewership 10x and proved to be a lesson applied in the future.

As the network grew, the technology increased from a basic signage software to more advance custom applications and eventually custom media player and hardware. At this time one of the clients was a top GM Dealer in the area that wanted signage for his store as well. The owner was blown away by the creation that was delivered and transformed his lounge, showroom and service areas.

Research showed that quality signage the offers multiple zones of content throughout the store can not only increase brand recognition, but move the needle in sales as well. Enhancing the sales processes through signage and interactive solutions delivers a measurable impact on every store.

Dealers are spending $50,000 a month or more trying to get buyers into their store -- so a product that can run as low as $79/month to keep their money in the store once they are their should be a no-brainer.

With the consultation of business advisors the advertising business took a turn to focus solely on the car dealerships and the Digital Dealership System was born.

  quote When we started the digital signage business with car dealers, we looked at the marketplace and saw a huge gap in an understanding of signage and how it can help business. Much more then just having a sign, is the knowledge of how to communicate with customers effectively and influence the process of car buying," says Katcher, Managing Partner of the Digital Dealership System.

As a mission, the company decided to offer customized signage solutions because every dealer, every customer, every staff, every group, were all different and a formatted, template based solution would limit dealers. Seperating the product from others, the Digital Dealership System offers unparelleled preloaded content and systems that are delivered plug-n-play ready, while keeping the pricing low.

Pricing varies depending on the dealer requirements. Whether the dealer is looking for a 10 screen, 5 kiosk solution that is managed by our staff or wants a simple menu board, the Digital Dealership System offers the flexibility to meet those needs. As the market grows and competition creeps in, the Digital Dealership System remains one of the few providers offering customized solutions that go well beyond a slideshow or overproduced infomercials.

  quote We are excited about the future in this industry because we got in it for the right reasons. All we do is signage. We don't do music, sms or produce videos. This gives us a long-term advantage over our customers as technology is constantly changing and evolving," Katcher adds.

From new product innovations such as the touch-screen kiosk application to the DDSMessenger application, all of the Digital Dealership System products and services rotate around the goal of digitizing dealerships, assisting the customer sales and service process while leading the way to better in-store experience through signage and interactive solutions.